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Game 27 Game Day Preview / Game Thread: Utah Jazz @ New Orleans Hornets

Wow, let me be the first one to admit that I did not think that the Utah Jazz would have defeated the Memphis Grizzlies (still without Zach Randolph, but with All-Star Marc Gasol and former All-Star Rudy Gay). But they did, 98 to 88. That's a very solid road win in my books; especially since we're supposed to be one of the worst teams ever (according to preseason predictions from ESPN and other places). This Jazz team proved me wrong last night. Tonight they face off against the struggling New Orleans Hornets. New Orleans has 4 wins this year, and 23 losses. They aren't doing so hot with Chris Paul playing in Los Angeles, and David West playing in Indiana. Eric Gordon is out indefinitely. Jarrett Jack is expected to miss at least one week. Chris Kaman is questionable for tonight's game, as is Jason Smith. And Carl Landry is expected to miss about a month. The only guys averaging more than 15 mpg for the season who are healthy for tonight's game are Tervor Ariza, Marco Belinelli, Emeka Okafor, Greivis Vasquez, and Al-Farouq Aminu. Even though we're on the second night of a three game set, I think our team is more talented (right now) than the Hornets. We're also bigger (and we can't say that too frequently), as both of their 7'ers are out -- leaving them with Emeka Okafor and Gustavo Ayon to patrol the paint. If one of them gets in trouble, we could own the glass.

Of course, the alternative would be for the Hornets to go small, and they have plenty of guys who can drive, dish, and drain the three. And if I was Monty Williams -- that's exactly the type of game I would play. Tyrone Corbin doesn't seem to make adjustments (in-game) that well right now. Corbin is still figuring out the whole rotations thing too. Tonight would be a great game to get Alec Burks some playing time. But hey, that's just my crazy opinion. Jeremy Evans too.

My computer is still jacked up. And I have crazy family issues right now -- so once again, you guys are getting a combined Game Preview / Game Thread. Things will normalize very soon though.

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