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Game Day: Utah Jazz (14-13) @ OKC Thunder (21-6)

Lets face it if there is a game that the Jazz should lose it would be this game against the Thunder. As you know it is the third game in three nights for the Jazz and the Thunder haven't played since beating the Jazz last Friday night. The Jazz should lose this game because of scheduling and also because they are facing a better team than themselves, however, the Jazz should have won last night against a 10 Day- Contract team Hornets and they didn't, so who really knows what should and shouldn't happen. (For me last night's loss will always be to the 10 day contract team Hornets and the 2009 loss will always be to the D-league 7 member Warrior squad)

What's going on with the Sonics Thunder: They are a good team. They have a All-Star caliber players in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. They should be a good team though, with four top-ten draft picks, three other players picked in the top 15 and overall only one second round pick. on their current roster. They have a COY coach in Scott Brooks, so we know they are well coached, so they are supposed to be good.

According to Synergy Sports: The Thunder are #1 in isolation plays in the league. (surprise, right) and #1 in hand offs. With Harden scoring on a whopping 63% of their hand offs. (hand offs are exactly how they sound, when another player hands off the ball that leads to a direct basket from another player without the player making any other move). The Thunder are in the top ten in the league in six out of the ten offense categories listed on Synergy. ( Isolation (1), Hand Offs (1), Off-Screens (3), Cut (6), Other (6) Transition (9) ) I guess we can just say the Thuner are a great offense team.

Whats going on with the Jazz: Nothing much. They lost last night to a 4 win team (5 wins now with the win against the Jazz) , they lost after winning the night before to the Grizzlies and saying all the right things about taking it one game at a time, playing hard, etc etc. Just to say the next night after the loss that they expected the Hornets to lay down and let the Jazz walk all over them (blerg) .

The Jazz are lost according to many of their fans (on twitter) as to what kind of team they want to be. KOC says we are not rebuilding, yet we have a lot of young "talent" and we aren't winning a whole lot lately (3-7 in their last ten games). That sounds like a rebuilding team to me. The problem is we have capable vets that get playing time. While some say we need to trade our vets for draft picks ( an opinion I understand and respect but tend to disagree with) I personally think we need to mix up our lineups, play more of our vets with our young guys and see what happens (what could it hurt). I like the idea of Jefferson- Favors and a Millsap-Kanter lineups. I like the idea of Watson starting and Tinsley getting burn with the 2nd unit if Harris comes out disinterested. I don't know what else but if are starting unit is dead to the world like they were in the 3rd quarter yesterday, something has to change.

If this game gets out of hand, just head over to Moni's blog and look at these they'll make you very happy. If the game is competitive then yay! Either way we'll be happy :)