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Fun with Names!

We have all seen the various versions (puns) of Jeremy Lin's name being thrown around ad nauseum. Well, we have own player who's name has been butchered by a certain broadcasting team so much that it has become an entertaining past time to come up with creative versions of Alec Burks' name. Lets see what you guys can come up with. I'll start us off:

Eric Brooks

Alexi Burkovich

Enrique Burkas

Now you try. Throw up your versions and rec your favorites.

*Note: Nothing offensive and the more ethnic, yet close enough to be identifiable, the better.

Winner gets an e-High Five

[Amar's note: To be fair, this is a continuation of the Craig Bolerjack can't pronounce our player's names right Meme. Just so people aren't offended -- HE started it by calling Burks: "Erick Borks" or something similar during a game.]