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Game 30 Post Game Thread: Final Score: Rockets 101 Jazz 85

The Utah Jazz fall to the Houston Rockets 101 to 85. It was the Kyle Lowry and Luis Scola show as they combined for nearly 60 points by themselves. Kyle went 7/8 from three against the Jazz, and for a team, the Rockets went 10/19 (52.6%). Nice defense there, Jazz. The Jazz won the battle of the glass, but did not get anything outside of what they got from Paul Millsap (22 points), Al Jefferson (23 points 11 rebounds), and Raja Bell (11 points, 3/3 from deep). The bench didn't do anything, and they are usually our greatest strength.

But hey, it gets better. We have San Antonio tomorrow night. I expect nothing more than a combined 20 mins from Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors tomorrow night. They played way too much tonight, 26. Way too much for two #3 draft picks. Picks that high only get better when watching other guys play. : )