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Game Day: Utah Jazz (12-8) at Golden State Warriors (7-12)

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The Jazz are out on the road for only the 7th time this season. The Jazz have won twice in their six tries including a win already at Golden State. The Jazz won by great defense by Raja Bell on Monta Ellis on his game winning attempt. The Jazz also beat the Warriors without their best player, Stephen Curry. So are we really able to take much from their first game against each other? Look at how different our first game was against the Clippers versus last night. We absolutely dominated the Clippers when Chris Paul was out, and last night we battled hard but came up short. Chris Paul (and Mo Williams) were difference makers in that game, namely Chris Paul. Will Stephen Curry have the same type of influence on the Warriors like Chris Paul did the Clippers?

What's going on with the Warriors: Well Mark Jackson is still coach and in case you don't know We Hate Mark Jackson. We will always hate Mark Jackson and we will never like him. Moni has a great post (and not just the one with the Sports Illustrated article its entitled: Mark Jackson is No NBA Head Coach READ IT and search Mark Jackson in her blog and you will ready wittingly funny posts and see awesome images).

The Warriors like the Jazz have lost three out of their last five ball games. (actually 4 out of six for them too). The two wins they have are against the Trail Blazers and against the Kings. They nearly lost to the Kings but sneaked out a win in the closing seconds after being up by double digits in the fourth.

The Warriors like to shoot the three and they are pretty adept at stealing the ball. The Warriors do rely a lot on their starters and can't depend too much on their bench, so if the game is close in the closing minutes maybe tired starters will play a factor.

Whats going on with the Jazz: Whelp we've lost three out of our last five games. Sad, sad sad. Last nights loss crushed my heart. I *literally* could not stop staring at the court, in disbelief that the game was over. I thought with all my heart that our punky little hard fighting, full of heart Jazz players would pull out the victory. We were so close but as my dad says close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. A loss is a loss no matter how close we were to winning, at the end of the season in the standings it is still a loss.

I hope the Jazz show that same fight against the Warriors tonight and have less offensive lulls than they did last night, and well they should come away with the victory. The Jazz actually play at a higher pace and score more in transition, than the Warriors, who would have EVER thought that, but Synergy Sports says so, so it is true. We have a more efficient offense in nearly all categories and we are statistically the better defensive team. But most of all we are the good guys and we deserve to win after that heart breaker last night and of well of course we HATE Mark Jackson so no way should he get any happiness at the expense of our Jazz.