Who is our Point Guard of the Future???

We've beat the horse dead several times now, but to further decapitate and malign the lifeless hunk of equestrian meat lying by the hypothetical wayside, we are getting schooled, owned, pwned, trashed, or any other verb you'd like to use at the point guard position this year. As much as we love Earl, he isn't the solution, at least the future solution. With that in mind, here are a few options for the future. Which do you think is the direction the Jazz should take?

Option A) Devin Harris--He used to be an all-star, right? Sadly, it seems he's just not suited for playing the Jazz style of basketball. Maybe he can change things around and become the point guard that we need now and in the future. Maybe I'm also going to get an A+ on the homework assignment that I'm procrastinating to write this.

Option B) Alec Burks--Burks played the backup point position in College. He also plays point during practice with the jazz sometimes. He has great handles and can make cool passes. Does he have the BBIQ and court vision needed to man our future point or is he more suited as a shooting guard? I seem to remember hearing about a HOF point guard that was 6'6" before. Something like...Oscar Robertson...hmmm...perhaps that's more wishful thinking on my part.

Option C) Gordon Hayward--We all know and love how G-Time passes the ball and gets the offense moving. He does a great job as a point-forward at times, but he isn't the prototypical small, 6'2" guy we are accustomed to that mans the point. Does he have good enough handles? Is he fast enough? I do seem to remember another HOF point guard that was 6'8". Something like...Magic Johnson...hmmmm....perhaps more wishful thinking on my part.

Option D) Both option B and C--Maybe Burks and Hayward don't have it in them to individually fill the hypothetical humongous shoes that is point guard for the Jazz, but perhaps they could fill it in together. Instead of the Stockton 12 assist in 1 game, perhaps just 6 assists each?

Option E) 2012 or Later draft--So there aren't nearly as many pgs in this draft as there were in the last. Maybe one of them could turn out to be just what we need though? Maybe we need to deal with what we have another year and try for 2013 or 2014 (can we last that long making d-league point guards look like all-stars?)

Option F) Trade what we have to get someone--Rondo? Lowry? Tyreke Evans (heaven help us, no!)? Is there a point guard out there that would fit our system that we simply could trade for?

Option G) Free Agency--Uhhhh...since when did we ever get a free agent anyway?

Vote away folks!

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