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Game 31 Game Thread: San Antonio Spurs (22-9 ) @ Utah Jazz (15-15)

Tonight the San Antonio Spurs play the Utah Jazz, in our gym. The Spurs are a wrecking ball right now, they have won 10 straight games, and in that stretch, 7 of them have been road games. They've also won 12 of the last 14. They're hot. Can we cool them down?

The Game:

This is our second meeting against the Spurs this year. The first one was waaay back in our fourth game of the season. We lost, and it wasn't even close. This time it's in our gym, and the second night of a b2b for us.


San Antonio Utah
Spurs @ Jazz
Tim Duncan C Al Jefferson
DeJuan Blair PF Paul Millsap
Richard Jefferson SF Gordon Hayward
Danny Green SG Raja Bell *
Tony Parker PG Devin Harris


  • T.J. Ford (Spurs) is out
  • Manu Ginobili (Spurs) is out
  • Tiago Splitter (Spurs) is out
  • Raja Bell (Jazz) may be out. If he is, Josh Howard will start