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SLC Dunk Team Needed for Dunk Ball at Beehive Sports and Social Club League!!

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We need to get in on this. I think we have enough ladies and gentlemen around who wouldn't mind hanging out with one another in person. This sounds like a great deal -- check it out from what Dave has to say:

Gooooood moooorning Vietna…I mean SLC Dunk! It’s an absolute honor and privilege to be posting here…I credit the downbeats with helping me make it through day after day of a terrible corporate job. As a lifelong Jazz fan I’ve obviously been spoiled with lots winning in the last 20 years so I jumped the corporate ship, avoided tripping over the luggage, and moved back to SLC to follow a dream and start Beehive Sport and Social Club. Amar posted about last Friday [link], I’m here to give a little more detail, make a few Boozer jokes, and then get out of the way so you can keep living and breathing #JazzNation.

I love Amar’s vision to build up the offline SLCDunk community, I have Jazz season tickets (9-1 when I’m in the building, ajust saying…) and would love to meet up with SLCDunkers at the game to bemoan/celebrate what’s happening that night. So let’s make it happen! I’m proposing the first official SLCDunk game meet up happen March 2nd against the evil empire, Miami heat. Halftime in the Budlight Lounge adjacent to portal U – I’ll be wearing a purple "Pistol" jersey. Come say hi!

Outside the arena/game days I’d love to bring a SLCDunk component to my passion, social sports leagues. Our next sport is Dunkball, for those unfamiliar Dunkball is 4v4 low rim basketball. And guess what? You get to choose how low the rim is! The league starts March 25th and will run on Sunday afternoons/evenings for 5 weeks with each team playing 2 games each week. We don’t accept sore knees as an excuse not to play in games that could decide the difference between a 4 and 5 seed (you know who I’m talking about). But at the end of the day our leagues are more about having fun than the final score so don’t sign up if you lacked the ability to play nice with others in Kindergarten.

I really want to have some SLCDunk representation so if you organize a team (7 people) by the Sunday after our Miami meetup (March 5th) you can play for FREE! Feel free to email me at with questions, comments or jokes.

Hope to see you on March 2nd for some Jazz love or March 25th for some dunkball.