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Wishing Utah Jazz players Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, and Jeremy Evans all the best this weekend!

By now you MUST know that three Utah Jazz players are heading down the Orlando for the festivities for All Star Weekend. They are Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward for the Rookie / Soph game; and Jeremy Evans for the Dunk Contest. Here's a thread to send out your good Karma / Positive thoughts / feelings to them through.

The Rookie / Soph game ends up being dominated by a point guard or shooting guard who straight up guns from the onset -- like Kobe Bryant or Andre Iguodala. So I don't expect the reactive Derrick Favors, or passive Gordon Hayward to really make a big impact. I hope they both play well and have fun.

The Dunk Contest is a much bigger affair, with a larger purse to boot. Jeremy Evans is a free agent, and while he's not putting up the minutes he needs in a contract year (which is probably by design on some level, look at C.J. Miles' minutes in contract years as a guide), this will be fun to watch. Hardcore NBA fans know all about him too, so this will be a treat for the casual fan -- you know, the same type of fan that'll not vote for him to win. But still . . .

Good luck Jeremy, Derrick, and Gordon. Have fun and represent the Utah Jazz well!

We believe in you, even if the coaching player rotations do not!