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SLCDUNK's ALLTHATAMAR's ALL-Star Weekend Viewers Guide

I know I don't get to post much anymore (shut up!), so I thought I'd make a little viewer's guide for the All-Star Weekend.


  • Utah Jazz players Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, and Jeremy Evans fly down to Orlando


  • Rookie-Sophomore Game <-- who can resist seeing Shaq and Barkley attempt to coach?
  • Celebrity All-Star Game <-- spend time with your loved ones instead


  • Shooting Stars Challenge <-- who else misses 2-Ball? That had more strategy
  • Skills Contest <-- I want to see this, but with only project bigmen like Hamed Haddadi and Hasheem Thabeet competing
  • Three-Point Contest <-- Jerry Sloan is unaware that this contest exists. He is also unaware that the three point line exists
  • Dunk Contest <-- First annual "Jeremy Evans is robbed" Dunk contest


  • All-Star Game <-- remember when Tyrone Hill was an All-Star?


  • Back to reality . . .