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Very Quick SLC Dunk Reader Poll: Should Paul Millsap shoot more threes?

This is a crazy though -- should Utah Jazz Forward Paul Millsap shoot more threes? Or, if not, should he at least space the floor more by sometimes standing behind the line while Al Jefferson is posted up? Paul Millsap isn't Larry Bird from behind the arc, but he's clearly capable of hitting threes. He can hit open threes. He can hit threes with little time on the clock. He can hit threes with a defender in his face.

And our current team is very bad at spacing the floor -- this is mainly a product of our poor three point making, and hesitancy to even shoot threes during the game.

I'm not saying let him shoot five threes a game, and I'm not saying "start the game off with letting him start shooting from distance" -- I am advocating for him taking a bit of that Mehmet Okur role for floor spacing. It's easier to double Big Al if there's another bigman in the area to slide over and help him miss. He's one of our better makers, and he can make it from there. And he's on the floor all game long. It sounds a little too simple -- even if he's out there (behind the three point line) just as a threat but doesn't actually shoot it from there . . . why not? (We'll still post him up and run cross screens for him during the game, but mix it up more when going to Big Al)

Should Paul Millsap shoot more threes?