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A Truly Unbelievable Function (Maybe)

Word on the intertubes is that THE Karl Malone has joined the Twitters (against the cautions of Jerry Sloan). The handle going around is @TheDeliverer_32. Its not verified yet, so follow at your own risk.

This came from Bryon Russell (@BRuss3):


Then this:


And Moni retweeted this from Karl's daughter Kadee (@Kadeelynm3):


Personally, my policy is not to follow people until they have been verified, because I don't like to give the trolls the satisfaction of my follow. That doesn't mean its another Mailman impostor (there are many) on Twitter, just stay tuned.

If this is true, whoever your current life coach is, you may want to consider a new sensei once The Mailman starts dropping pints of sweet southern truth juice. Either way, SLC Dunk is on the case.

*edit: Right as I hit "publish", Karl sent out this Tweet:!/TheDeliverer_32/status/174216397122048003 Looks like its legit. Rejoice, Jazz Fans. Rejoice.