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Utah Jazz February Schedule: Week 5

The Utah Jazz finish our "Fall back to earth" February with two more games: tonight at the Sacramento Kings, and tomorrow back at home to host the Houston Rockets.

Right now the Jazz are 15-17, a game under .500. The Kings are who we thought they are, but they have all the tools to beat us, DeMarcus Cousins is playing at a pretty high level, and Tyreke Evans will always hurt us because we just can't stop guards who drive. There's also that Jimmer Fredette dude as well. I like how well Alec Burks played and shot in the last game between these two teams; God only knows if he'll ever play meaningful minutes again this season though. The Game against the Rockettes should be a revenge game as they beat us in their gym last week. I hate them, but I think I went over that a while ago.

Beyond Feb, the Jazz finish this week with a ridiculous Miami Heat / Dallas Mavericks double header. Yes, the two NBA Finals teams from last year -- in a double header. At least the Miami games is at home, but right after that the Jazz fly down to Dallas.

Should be fun. And foreshadowing for the rest of "Widow-making" March.