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Jazz Paul Millsap Injury Status Update: Severe Left Heel Bruise

Multiple sources are pointing out that Utah Jazz forward Paul Millsap is doubtful for tonight game at home against the Houston Rockets due to bruised left heel. (Here's the SL Trib's take) It's very reasonable to expect Sap to sit this one out. While I do not have any deeper insights nor access to the team than the rest of us online, I do have some experience with these types of things. The team ortho Dr. Mason diagnosed Paul with a severe left heel bruise.

To me this sounds like the non-acute injury known as Policeman's heel. It is a repetitive stress injury that I'd advise sitting out for; though it's not really an option if we were a team in the playoff hunt.

A bruised heel can be caused by either a sudden impact (such as landing heavily) or repetitive pounding. The heel bone (calcaneus) is protected by a pad of fat. Repeated pounding of the heel can cause the fat pad to be pushed up the side of the heel leaving less of a protective layer causing heel pain. This injury is also sometimes known as Policeman's heel. It is common in sports requiring a lot of impact onto the heel and in particular soldiers marching up and down on the parade square. -- The Sports Injury Clinic

It is unclear if that is what Paul has, though. Sadly, I don't have the Jazz team docs phone numbers . . . yet. You can get better from this problem with rest, or with more physical protection of the injured area (padding, getting taped up with more emphasis on that zone, etc). To me it just sounds like it's time for Paul Millsap's annual "My body is broken down" mid-season rest.

Millsap is playing 31.1 mpg, and the primary beneficiaries to play more are Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter. This handy chart shows you exactly what I mean. The Dark horse candidate to get some more playing time is Jeremy Evans. But it's not like Head Coach Tyrone Corbin is really serious about finding him minutes -- especially not when we now have DeMarre Carroll on the team.

I'm being facetious right now. That's just the kinda mood I'm in. I'm on call tonight during a snow storm.