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Los Angeles Lakers vs. Utah Jazz – Guess the Game Score #4 Results

Final Score: Utah Jazz 96 – Los Angeles Lakers 87

I am really glad I do not participate in these things, because I was way off in my (internal) expectation for this game. Frankly, I did not think that we would win –but I am so happy that we did. A number of more brave fans participated in the contest this week (still, less than the previous weeks) and there were so many close contestants. Here are the closest ones:


Jazz Lakers X-Axis Y-Axis Total Difference
96 89 0 2
2 @ausmharding
92 87 -4 0
4 Asmaki
95 90 -1 3
4 @Jedizaugg
98 89 2
4 @Opie_Ute
94 89 -2
4 @D_HUG
94 89 -2
4 @XxHawsxX

Thanks everyone for playing. The next contest date is next Friday, which will be the Jazz home game vs. Seattle Super Sonics the Oklahoma City Thunder. Hope to see you there!