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"Handing Out Blog Assists" Edition- The Downbeat - #678

I still believe that the Jazz won't use their Mehmet Okur trade exception this season, but there are a few viable options presenting themselves. According to the Nets are considering trading guards Jordan Farmar and Anthony Morrow for expiring contracts. Both guards have been rumored to be part of talks for Memphis SG OJ Mayo. The Nets are presumably clearing cap space for next season and Morrow and Farmar are set to be paid $4 million and $4.25 million next year, respectively. The Jazz could use both Farmar and Morrow's three point shooting. Combined the NJ duo is shooting 45% from beyond the arc. Morrow is shooting 45% from distance during his four year career. The Jazz could absorb both players with their trade exception or trade the Nets CJ Miles or Josh Howard back to New Jersey if they wanted a replacement. Perhaps the Jazz could then send Farmar to the Lakers into their trade exception afterward. Like I said, I wouldn't bet on the Jazz making this trade, but it is an option.

Acquiring this guy in March in a sign and trade into the trade exception is also an option.

Season Update:


Lots to talk about with this picture. First, one person likes this page on Second, the Jazz have steadily improved their offense this season to become the 8th best offensive team in the league. They have also steadily fallen to become the 10th worst defensive team in the league. Third the Jazz are 13-9, but their "expected" win-loss record according to the site's data is 11-11. For what it's worth, I "expected" the Jazz to be 11-11 at this point in the season too and I have them finishing 28-38. All of these numbers suggest that the Jazz are an average team in the league. And for all the talk about an improved defensive scheme and play, their ranking has to be disappointing to the team right now. With all that said, the Jazz's win over the Lakers on Saturday was really exciting and the Jazz have a winning record right now. But for how long?

I'm not going to comment on the whole fiasco that happened this weekend. I often think the best way to handle poor behavior is to ignore it and not give it attention. With that said, if you are going to read one piece on everything with everybody (not naming names to avoid giving attention), read what Moni said. It's simply brilliant. If there were a Oscar or Tony equivalent to NBA blogging, I would give one to both Moni, for this piece, and Basketball John for his investigative piece on the Roger Mason snafu. In fact I am starting such an award. I'm calling it the award a "bloggisist" and I'll be handing some out at the end of the year.

Congrats to Utah_Soldier for answering last Tuesday's trivia question correctly. I'm going to kick up the questions a small notch, although they should be figure outable. For today:

What Jazz player comes next in this sequence?

Deshawn Stevenson, Adrian Dantley, Deron Williams, Francisco Elson, _______________

Let's just get one thing out in the open. Craig Bolerjack shouldn't be allowed to hand out nicknames. "Bulldog" just seems lame for Earl Watson and I don't know anyone who liked "Cap'n Crunch" for Milt Palacio. At the same time, some announcers have handed out great nicknames to players. "The Big Hurt" and "Reign Man" were both creations of announcers. With that said: