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Casting some Pods . . .

we here at SLCDUNK don't have a regular podcast. We've had 1 Dunkcast before, but that happened way back in 2010. There are some guys out there who do very solid Utah Jazz podcasts though. You should have bookmarks in your browser for The Utah Jazz Blog and Salt City Hoops already.

  • Today Spencer at TUJB dropped this podcast where he @TheUtahJazzBlog and @JimboRudding talked a big about what's been happening in Jazz land lately, momentum for Paul Millsap, and a bunch of other stuff. If you can listen to things while you work, it's a breath of fresh air compared to the ad driven regular radio stations that exist today -- check out their latest here.
  • Two days ago Salt City Hoops dropped a podcast discussing a number of things, including the shenanigans that the TUJB podcast avoided going into.You already follow @SaltCityHoops and @JazzHype on twitter, so if you like them you should listen to them too. Check it here.

I like listening to podcasts -- particularly about subjects I enjoy. I enjoy few things more than the Utah Jazz, so thank you to the guys out there who are recording, editing, and uploading these things. It's not easy to find time to have a sit down chat with a number of people on a subject -- we all have busy lives. So hats off to them. The unsaid issue is . . . does SLCDUNK need to have one too? I hate competing with these other blogs (or any Jazz blog). Of course, this isn't up to me, this is up to the people who log on at SLCDUNK. Do you guys want to hear a podcast here too? Can we do without one? Can we afford NOT to? Hit us up with below with your thoughts.