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Decision Day for Utah Jazz non-guaranteed contract holders: Jeremy Evans and Jamaal Tinsley

Today is the cut day for NBA teams, they can cut some players who do not have guaranteed contracts if they wanted. Right now there are 45 guys who fit the bill, and you can see the whole list here thanks to Scott Schroeder (@ScottSchroeder). There are two Utah Jazz players on the bubble: Jeremy Evans and Jamaal Tinsley. It's pretty obvious to me that the Jazz should keep both guys. It's not like Evans is getting much playing time, but when he does get in the game he is highly successful. Tinsley isn't even with the team right now ("personal reasons"), but I think the Jazz should keep him around too. He did have a 13 assist night (Or whatever it was) a few games ago, in his first start in over two seasons. If the Jazz elect to cut people then it becomes a question of signing guys off of 10-day contracts. And Scott also wrote down a handy list of those guys who are important to keep an eye on over here.

Personally, I hope the Jazz keep both guys. There's no point in making hasty decisions right now. We're a work in progress. And this season doesn't really count anyway in my books. Really? A whole season of 66 games where teams have to play three in a row? Ridiculous.

Apparently the Lakers just cut Derrick Caracter. So it's not like guys aren't going to get cut. They will.