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The Debbie Downer Edition- The Downbeat #680

I HATE losing, really really badly. I hate that we have lost two in a row and six out of our last ten. I like when we win and it was much better when we had won seven out of eight. I hate that we are getting beaten by point guards. Any point guard, take your pick and this year he will be a Jazz Killer. (OK minus Fisher and inexplicably DWILL) When it was just Beaubois I didn't think much of it but when things start to trend, I start to worry. Last night Collison was the latest of the point guards to exploit the Jazz. You think they would have learned their lesson from playing Lin the night before but apparently not. Darren Collison had 24 points last night with 17 of those coming in the first half, he set the tone and the Jazz crumbled under the pressure. Yes the Jazz came back to take the lead but couldn't finish out the game.

The loss against Indiana hurts us in the standings.


Ninth place is bad. Clark warned us yesterday that we would fall out of the playoffs and well the Jazz listened to him and fell out they did. The Jazz dropped 4 spots with just one loss. Tuesday morning we were in 5th place and now we sit in 9th. We may get back into the playoffs before we play on Friday, who knows in the wild, wild, west.

More concerning to me then just a few losses in a row are the way we are losing. All teams go through slumps, but when we come out how we did against NY and then repeat that against Indiana for a half, its discouraging. I like to see effort and for six out of the last eight quarters of basketball, I haven't really seen it. Yay that that the two quarters of effort were the last two and hopefully the Jazz can build on that play.

Things can be worse. This day 37 years ago this happened:

On this date in 1975, the New Orleans Jazz got their first road win in franchise history, ending a 28 game road losing streak. The Jazz beat the Hawks in Atlanta 106-102 to improve their record to 7-44

Source: AP Sportlight/Associated Press

I guess the Jazz got the win on the road in 1975 but it took them 28 tries! Winning on the road takes time as a team. I know we are considered a "young team" but are we really? I mean four out of our five starters are not that young. So maybe its more about time together as a team and experience than actual age?

Did you know that the Jazz are 1-7 when their opponent scores 100+ points? ( the Pacers scored 104 yesterday) That is pretty dreadful stat. I wonder what happened to the amazing defense that we were seeing in January. I also wonder why we struggle in high-scoring games. Its curious to me since we are still a top 10 offensive team.

Another weird "finding' is that we are 3-3 in games that are decided by 3 points or less. I thought it would be worse than that for some reason . It seems like at the end of the game yesterday, against Toronto and against the Clippers we really didn't have plays to go to in the closing minutes of the game. Do the players shrink from the spotlight (they are 1-6 in nationally televised games)? Does Ty not have any end of close game plays or is it simply we lack a closer?

I miss when our players could do this: ( yes I am over the trade)

I know this a downer downbeat but if Amar can put picture of a train wreck in his game preview for how the Jazz are doing I can do a downer downbeat. Here is something happy just because we all do love the Jazz (thanks Prodigy/MemoisMoney)

So my question for today is: