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Utah Jazz March Birthdays

Hey everyone, we started this birthday list deal, and we did it for Jan and Feb. And during the off-season we're going to make each month a team, and we'll vote on which teams would win in a tournament. So that's the *real* reason why I've been doing these each month. Or maybe we'll do that NEXT off-season or during the Christmas break or something. The point is -- these are super duper important.

And more than just for us, they are super duper important because they are the birthdays of some of our favorite players. Clearly March is a great month.

  • March 3rd - Chad Gallagher
  • March 3rd - Dan O'Sullivan
  • March 6th - Greg Ostertag
  • March 9th - Jeff Wilkins
  • March 10th - Robert Smith
  • March 12th - Rickey Williams
  • March 13th - Troy Hudson
  • March 17th - Kyle Korver
  • March 18th - C.J. Miles (bball ref has him in for April, has him in March, just added him)
  • March 20th - Ronnie Brewer, Lamar Green
  • March 23rd - Gordon Hayward, Rich Kelley, and Jeff Judkins
  • March 24th - Bart Kofoed
  • March 25th - William Cunningham, Andy Walker, and Ken Boyd
  • March 26th - John Stockton
January PER February PER March PER
Guard Andy Toolson 8.0 Devin Harris 17.4 John Stockton 21.8
Guard Bob Hansen 10.0 Kelly Tripucka 16.2 Ronnie Brewer 15.1
Forward Chris Morris 15.1 Adrian Dantley 21.5 Gordon Hayward 12.0
Forward Al Jefferson 20.4 Andrei Kirilekno 19.1 Rich Kelley 15.0
Big Mark Eaton 10.9 Paul Millsap 18.3 Greg Ostertag 13.1
Reserve Darryl Dawkins 15.8 Kris Humphries 15.3 Kyle Korver 12.8

So far this fictional tournament is something I'd love to watch -- and we're only three teams into the contest . . . not every squad is going to have both talent and depth. Perhaps after every round the team that advances (via fan votes here) will get to pick up ONE player from the team they defeated. Because Team Stockton (March) is a solid back to the basket guy away from dominating . . . and Team Wheezie (January) has no passers, but have shotblocking down. I kind of want to release all of the rosters now . . . but you guys will just have to wait till next month.