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Jazz Vs. Bulls Game Thread -- Last game of the roadtrip

Game 39: Utah Jazz (19-20, 5-14 on the road) @ Chicago Bulls (33-9, 15-3 at home)

Tonight the Utah Jazz finish up their five game long road trip with a very tough game. The Chicago Bulls are a defense first team with a good mix of three point makers and a dynamic All-NBA type guard in Derrick Rose. This is pretty much the three things we handle the worst, all in the same game. We can handle teams that score a lot but don't defend. The opposite, not so much. We can handle teams that score inside but can't score from out. Again, the opposite? Not so much. We'd have a field day if the Bulls' best player was a center, but a guard? That's a triple Achilles heel for us.

And I'm sure some of our players have already checked out for the night, like they were checking out of their hotel room. Devin Harris and Raja Bell are both not going to play tonight. Hmm. Funny. I thought I just went over how they'll be facing off against Derrick Rose tonight. What a coincidence.

The Jazz face off against some of our former players tonight in Carlos Boozer, Kyle Korver, and Ronnie Brewer. We know what they can do. The flip side is that they probably know our playbook better than we do. (Brewer proved that with his dagger steal to end the game, on the night when Jerry Sloan called it a career)

Not a big fan of the Bulls (for obvious reasons).

Go Jazz!