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Jazz Schedule for the third week of March

The Jazz won a game I did not think they would have early on this month by narrowly defeating the Miami Heat at home. It was a feel good game for everyone, and I think that the fans (for the most part) went home happy that night. Since then the Jazz went on a 5 game road trip -- winning twice. I felt like it was clear that the Jazz would handle the Cleveland Cavaliers and Charlotte Bobcats. I also felt like we would be handled, in turn, by the Dallas Mavericks, Philadelphia 76ers, and Chicago Bulls. No surprises there, while we are all upset at losing games -- I don't think that it would have been reasonable to expect the Jazz to continue to overachieve on a road trip.

This month the Jazz sit at 3-3. That's not bad. It is, both, decidedly and numerically average.Another way to say it is: middle of the road. I guess that's what our franchise is aiming at though. Don't want to get a really good lottery pick, and not making the moves to be a Top 4 team in the conference either. Realism aside let's look at this week's games:

March, Week 3:

Date Road Team Home Team
12-Mar Detroit Pistons @ Utah Jazz
14-Mar Utah Jazz @ Phoenix Suns
15-Mar Minnesota Timberwolves @ Utah Jazz
17-Mar Golden State Warriors @ Utah Jazz

Three home games, one roadie. Detroit just destroyed the Toronto Raptors (a team that took us to OT in our gym and beat us). The Phoenix Suns game is on National TV, so you know how those go.The T-Wolves will be without Ricky Rubio -- so if we win that game we'll overblow it's importance. And Golden State, well, it's the game after the trade deadline. Anything can happen in that game depending on what moves each team makes.