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Pistons Vs. Jazz Game Thread -- The Battle of Al Jefferson and Greg Monroe

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Game 41: Detroit Pistons (15-26, 3-15 on the road) @ Utah Jazz (19-21, 14-6 at home)

The Jazz face off against the team that they never *ever* lose to -- except for last year when they lost in Detroit, in a game I went to. It wasn't fun. Tonight isn't supposed to be fun either, as the Pistons start off their 5 game road trip against the Jazz. The Jazz need to get some wins because the door is open for them to fight for a playoff spot. Tonight could be just one of those solid games that helps the Jazz recapture some of that "swagg" (as the kids say today). Detroit is "ballin" right now (also what the kids say), so this would be a very solid win -- if we get it!

Get ready for the first game of Positivity Week! Woooooo!

Go Jazz!

  • Raja Bell (UTA) will be in uniform, do not yet know about if he will start or not
  • Devin Harris (UTA) is probably for tonight's game, hopefully over his flu-like symptoms
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