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NBA Trade Bonanza! Golden State Warriors trade for Milwaukee Bucks Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson

Source: ESPN

Bonanza, I say! According to "sources" the Golden State Warriors have traded for Milwaukee Bucks former #1 draft pick, and Utah Ute, Andrew Bogut, and somewhat chemically imbalanced Stephen Jackson. The cost? Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh, and Kwame Brown are all going to 'thrive' under Scott Skiles in Milwaukee now.

I know what you're thinking . . . "Monta and Brandon Jennings -- yikes."

I also know what else you're thinking . . . "How does this affect the Jazz pick the Warriors may be giving up?"

Well, we need the Warriors to not make the playoffs (kinda already a given), and exist within some sort of Van Allen belt / sweet spot. They can't be too bad, and they can't get too good. Does this make them too bad of a team? Well, when you lose Monta Ellis you are losing a guy who, love him or hate him, put up a lot of points for your team. Neither S-Jax nor Bogut are going to shoot as much as he did. You're also losing a lot of rebounds in getting rid of Udoh (who is improved a lot), and Brown. Bogut hasn't played basketball since January 25th. It's been a while.

If he doesn't play much this is clearly a tank move. Golden State didn't really make this move to free up space for some great starter they already had on the roster. This isn't like moving Eddie Jones to make more room for Kobe Bryant. This is, in a way, cleaning house.

And may just screw us out of a lottery pick. I hope I'm wrong.