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Exclusive Earl Watson Interview with SLCDUNK


The Exclusive Earl Watson Interview . . . well sort of . . .

OK I really don't think that I am a reporter, there are way too many talented professionals in our market for me, a stay-at-home amateur who only writes because she loves the Jazz to consider myself a reporter. As many of you know I have recently have been given permission to attend Jazz practices (because of my job at the Daily Herald). When Jonathan told the Herald's Sports Editor, Jared that it would be fine for me to go, I was beyond happy.

I experienced a little bit of media life this summer with the pre-draft workouts but this going to practices wow it truly is a dream come true, the next step of course will be covering games. Anyways I started by going to shoot-around on Monday followed by practice on Tuesday. It was amazing to be around the media, players and coaches. I felt comfortable in the scrums, I even asked questions to CJ Miles, Josh Howard and TayShaun Prince my first day.

At practice I asked a question to coach Corbin. I was feeling good about myself. I was thinking about the questions that Amar sent me and I knew I had to ask Earl one of those questions. I saw Earl talking with Kanter just joking around, there was a pause in their conversation so I thought now is the perfect time. Here is the fairly embarrassing result

Earl interivew

After I left I heard Kanter ask Earl, "What did that girl ask you?"