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Quick Poll: NBA Trade Deadline reactions

Now that the trade deadline has come and passed what do you think? I did not expect the Jazz to make any moves, and they did not make any moves. I also didn't really *want* them to make any moves. (You don't need to trade away a veteran to play a younger player, you can just bench the vet and tell him that's business) So for me, it's a very neutral day. And it clarifies what our goals are this season; while validating my beliefs on what our front office is trying to do. It confirms my suspicions about the guys running the team I love. For me this deadline held no surprises for the present and future for our very beloved Utah Jazz.

But enough about me -- how do you feel about what went down?

If you are disappointed, feel free to share why in the comments section. If you are happy, feel free to share why in the comments as well. I'm anxious to hear what you have to say, and read about how feel!