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Quick Poll: Does Derrick Favors dunk the ball to win the game to win it in regulation?

I'm clearly insane, but not as insane as some of the people who email me. (You know who you are) I've gotten over 25 emails and tweets asking about this so I had to make this poll. There are so many factors, like does Favors have the same understanding on offense where to be, etc. We know that Paul Millsap missed a potential game winner, but it was so close. He did come out very strong and dominated overtime. The end result is that the Jazz won the game. The argument exists that the Jazz *would have* won the game in regulation time if Paul Millsap dunked the ball. The argument also exists that Derrick Favors (or Jeremy Evans as I mistakenly joked about putting in on twitter) would have - if in the same situation - dunked the ball home.

What do you think?