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Warriors Vs. Jazz Game Thread -- C.J. Miles' pre-birthday bash!

Game 44: Golden State Warriors (18-23, 8-11 on the road) @ Utah Jazz (21-22,16-6 at home)

The Jazz are facing off against the fearsome Golden State Warriors tonight. They are a team, on paper, that we should not have much trouble with when we're at home and at full strength. We are at home, yes; however we're going to be balling without Al Jefferson, Raja Bell, and Earl Watson. Those are three of our top 8 guys. Similarly, Golden State isn't at full strength either. They could be accused of tanking. Tyrone Corbin is sometimes accused of stealth tanking. Eventually a team is going to win this game.

Let's make it OUR team then. Right? Isn't that what we want?

C.J. Miles' is getting the birthday start. It will be a lot of fun. I remember his coming out party as a rookie against the Warriors. Both he and Monta went for 20+ points on that night. One of the two got regular playing time after that game, and one of them only got playing time when Matt Harpring or Ronnie Brewer were injured. And, ultimately, only one of those two guys are still with the team that drafted them, and playing tonight. I hope C.J. has a good game and is over his vertigo. (Some girls really do make you go head over heels)

Liner Notes:

  • Al Jefferson (UTA) is out, for his Grandmother's funeral
  • Raja Bell (UTA) is out with his continued Adductor strain (didn't someone on this blog write about how you have to sit that out fully, and you can't play through the injury? I thought someone on this blog wrote about that. I think it was one of the guys on this blog who actually went to medschool, but it wasn't UtesFan89 . . . hmmm . . . who could that be? And WHY do I seem to know more than our damn trainers?)
  • Earl Watson (UTA) is out with a sprained left ankle
  • Andrew Bogut (GSW) is out with a broken left ankle
  • Stephen Curry (GSW) is out indefinitely
  • Richard Jefferson (GSW) is going to be good to go tonight
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Go Jazz Go