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Free Contest: Warriors Vs. Jazz -- Guess the Game Score Winners!

Guess the Game Score #10: Utah Jazz 99 -- Golden State Warriors 92

st of all, sorry for this being so late. Last night I was just killed with a bad head ache, which made Sunday so ineffective. But we had some really great guesses this week!

Axis Diff
Jazz Warriors Name x y
99 92 ACTUAL GAME 0 0 0
99 92 Guybrush @BravetheEarth 0 0 0
99 91 Dean Bull @horn_boy78 0 -1 1
98 92 Eric Thorpe @WooSports -1 0 1
101 92 Derek Pyper @pypermania 2 0 2
97 90 Patrick Bodily @highfives4life -2 -2 2

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, all 74 of you. You guys are getting really good at this!

Guess the Game Score #11 (the next one) will be the game on Friday, March 23rd -- at home, hosting the Denver Nuggets! (Boo!) If you don't play you can't win. And I've lined up some cool prizes that'll remain secret for at least a little while longer.

See you all in the next few days!