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Utah Jazz Blog Voltron Podcast #2


Do you love the Utah Jazz? Enjoy the spirited debates Jazz fans have on twitter? Need to do something on the computer and don't mind having some background noise to keep you company? Have an hour and 4 minutes to spare? All of the above? Please do check out the Utah Jazz Blog (which, like Moni's site is a daily read), Spencer does some great work with the Podcasts and he's a big-time inclusivist. His latest podcast goes over a few topics: trade deadline, our current team play, roster rotations, what do to with the youth when the vets come back, the playoffs, and the draft. And he talks with quite a few twitter superstars.

Thankfully I was not able to participate, otherwise it probably would have been 2 hours long. (ha ha)

Check it out HERE! There will be a 50 question multiple choice test. Okay, maybe not a test. But for anyone who gets the secret tag line at the end and posts it here in the comments section gets a gold star!