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Jazz Paul Millsap Injury Status Update: Game Time Decision tonight Vs. Miami Heat

Utah Jazz starting power forward Paul Millsap has a severe heel bruise, which I had identified as Policeman's Heel in the post about this last time we talked injuries. It's a chronic condition that occurs from repetitive stress. He's going to give it a try tonight, and he (along with Raja Bell and Jamaal Tinsley) will travel with the team to Dallas after tonight's game at home vs. Miami. I figure they are going to wrap the heel differently and add some padding to cushion it. If he can't go we can expect more Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors in his place. I think that Kanter's strength could dominate Chris Bosh and turn him even more into a face-up guy.

Jamaal Tinsley is also a game time decision.