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Enes Kanter at Jazz Shoot-Around

Today after the Jazz had shoot-around Enes Kanter was one of the players that addressed the media. My heart immediately melted and he is now top of my current Jazz players. Kanter was very polite, very excited and who doesn't love a Turkish accent.

Here is Ene's interview with the media:

Enes Kanter

Some notes from shoot-around:

  • Every player leaving seemed to be in a great mood
  • There was a lot of joking around
  • Al chased Enes out of practice and brought him back in, both laughing a ton
  • Enes walked into the locker room with Tinsley joking around
  • Evans and Hayward walked into the locker room together (of course because of their guy love)
  • Jamaal Tinsley is very friendly and took time to talk with Jim Burton of the Standard Examiner
  • Josh Howard was wearing a very dapper hat leaving practice and said his mom will be at the game and was very excited about it.
  • Hayward left in shorts, Ben Bagley and Jim Burton teased him about it and Hayward replied its cold but not Indiana cold
  • Jeff Hornacek continues the streak of me being called lady, as he was leaving he said have a good day gentleman and then noticed me and said and lady!
  • When I was leaving I saw Kevin O'Conner talking on his phone, yes trade deadline has past but still fun to see, to say I saw it.