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Quick Reader Poll: In March Josh Howard was playing 27.0 mpg, who gets his playing time?


In March Josh Howard was playing 27.0 mpg, in all 11 games possible. We will miss him. Who do YOU want to see get the majority of his minutes? There are a group of guys who are already playing about as many minutes as I think they should in Gordon Hayward, Raja Bell, and C.J. Miles. There are a few guys who do not get much playing time in Jeremy Evans, and DeMarre Carroll. And there is on guy who is doing okay but could use a little more playing time in my mind, in Alec Burks.

No one guy is going to play all of Josh's minutes, as no one guy can make up for his loss. Everyone is going to have to contribute and do better and try to fill in the gap that Howard's loss creates. He wasn't having a great season, but he was still working hard out there on the court and he will be missed.