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Thunder Vs. Jazz Game Thread -- Streaking Jazz try to silence Thunder despite bad news

Get Well Soon!
Get Well Soon!

Game 46: Oklahoma City Thunder (34-11, Road: 15-7) @ Utah Jazz (23-22, Home: 17-6)

Jazz try to pick up the pieces, while parts of the puzzle keep getting hurt

The Jazz and the Thunder were going in different directions at the start of the season. Over the last 10 games they have the same record of 6-4. Oklahoma City is the best team in the Western Conference, but Utah is on a 3 game win streak and inching towards that #8 spot. The two teams may be in different classes, but at least for tonight, both are in the same class room taking the same test. And I may be a negative person who is critical of his team, but this is a test surprising Jazz could pass.

OKC is a very tough test though. But you can't count out the resolve of this Jazz team to still be competing after so many bad things happen. Al Jefferson just came back from his grandmother's funeral, only to find out starter Josh Howard is now down for the season. Starter Raja Bell is still out as well. It's gotten to the point that it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility to see DeMarre Carroll or Jeremy Evans on Kevin Durant at some point tonight.

The Jazz are banged up and OKC could be looking past us. Clearly, the time to strike is NOW!

Liner Notes:

  • Raja Bell (UTA) is out still with a strained adductor
  • Al Jefferson (UTA) is back
  • Earl Watson (UTA) is a game time decision
  • Josh Howard (UTA) is out for the season, and we will miss him
  • C.J. Miles (UTA) will get the start for Bell; while Gordon Hayward (UTA) may get the start for Howard
  • Eric Maynor (OKC) is sadly still out for the remainder of the season, we wish him the best
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Go Jazz Go!