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I don't know what his issue is, but I can definitely solve them. - The Downbeat - #712

DeMarcus Cousins on Devin Harris, post-game:

Honestly, I'm tired of the kid. I don't know what his issue is. I'm tired of the kid. Honestly. I'm tired of him. I don't know what his issue is, but I can definitely solve them.

And in case you're wondering, he was dead serious (3:00 mark):


There were several requests for this last night, so here y'all go:

The Clippers lost while Memphis and Houston won last night, which means that the Jazz remain half a game out of 8th place. We're also 1.5 games out of 4th place, and 2.5 games out of 11th. A top four seed is all but an impossibility, so the most likely scenarios at the end of the season are 1) bottom Playoff seed; 2) lottery team.

Open poll: Does winning > *, or is a bottom Playoff seed and quick first round exit the worst case scenario?

Randy Rigby on KFAN:

Jimmer did a great job in this community. Being a BYU Cougar, I loved us greeting him, cheering him on. But I think we were more than generous in our cheering for him, and like I said, I'm a BYU man, but I think he's now a Sacramento King and we don't need to be quite as gracious cheering him on...I'm hoping our next home game against Jimmer, we'll see a little less cheering throughout the whole game for Jimmer.

Anyone else find this odd? (I'm not talking about whether the ESA should cheer for Jimmer or not.) Didn't the Jazz file a request with the NBA for two home games against the Kings? For at least the past month, the Jazz have been promoting the upcoming Sacramento game (3/30) with Jimmer's face as part of ticket packages. So they're trying to attract Jimmer fans to buy tickets, but then don't want these fans to cheer for him (him being the reason they spent money on the tickets in the first place)?

"Keep Fightin'" by the Jazz Brothers. Lead vocals by Thurl Bailey, with background vocals by Karl Malone, et al. (Karl is the second one that comes in after Thurl; Mailman's got a smooth set of pipes):

Here's another song, entitled "Keep It Sexy."