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Free Contest: Nuggets Vs. Jazz -- Guess the Game Score TODAY !!

If you wanna play then post your guesses below! Some of you know the drill -- some do not. It's easy, it's fun, and it's worth it. Tonight the Jazz play the Carmelo-Anthony-Allen-Iverson-led Denver Nuggets. They'll be without Danilo Gallinari (out indefinitely with a broken left thumb), and Rudy Fernandez (who'll miss the rest of the season, and needs back surgery). That sucks because those two guys are both pretty good players -- and pretty much semi-Jazz killers. They also have new additions Wilson Chandler and JaVale McGee. It will be interesting. At least Nene won't be scoring 30 points in the paint in the first half against us anymore . . .

Anyway: Guess the Final score for the game. Top 5 answers get a chance to win a big prize at the end of the season. Post your guesses below, or tweet it to @SLCDunk . . . or I guess me @AllThatAmar. It's not like there isn't a lot of transparency over who's doing these things anymore . .

Go Jazz Go!