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Utah Jazz Rotation: Are Happy times here again?

"I guess I should have played you more . . . who knew that we could have a defensive big on our team?"
"I guess I should have played you more . . . who knew that we could have a defensive big on our team?"

The Jazz are playing hard. They are playing an exciting style of ball with blocks, dunks, and unselfish sharing of the ball. They are playing the younger guys. And most of all, the team is winning. And the fans are happy. I'm smart enough to see more than just my point of view on something, which is only natural because I'm not right about everything. And that is fair. However, let's take a look at the minutes distribution right now. Remember: the fans are happy, the team is playing fun ball that we have no trouble supporting, the team is playing hard -- and they are winning NOW. Part of that is attributed to who is playing. This is not something you can be an ostrich about anymore. (Even the radio has flip flopped and they're always on the tail end of trends)

During this six game win streak:

  • Al Jefferson (played 4 of 6 games) is barely playing less than his season avg (-0.5 mpg)
  • Paul Millsap (6 of 6) is playing more than his season avg (+1.8 mpg)
  • Gordon Hayward (6 of 6) is playing more (+5.1 mpg)
  • Devin Harris (6 of 6) is playing more (+4.5 mpg)
  • Raja Bell (1 of 6) is playing less (-8.3 mpg), and over the winning streak played only 15.3 mins total
  • Derrick Favors (6 of 6) is playing more (+5.6 mpg)
  • Alec Burks (6 of 6) is playing more (+9.6 mpg)
  • Enes Kanter (6 of 6) is playing more (+0.6 mpg)
  • C.J. Miles (5 of 6) is playing more (+2.4 mpg)
  • Josh Howard (3 of 6) did increase his MPG, but is shut down for the year now
  • Earl Watson (1 of 6) and Jamaal Tinsley (6 of 6) are still holding it down at backup PG
  • DeMarre Carroll (3 of 6) and Jeremy Evans (3 of 6) are playing, period.

I think that Earl and Jamaal kind of cancel each other out a bit (it's not a perfect +/-), and I think Jazz fans are very happy with Jamaal's quality of play. I don't think Jazz fans were happy with Bell or Howard's play. They're not playing now. Ty can't play them now. Instead he's playing the guys we wanted him to play. They are playing more. And our team is having more fun out there, playing harder as a team, and winning games.

But hey, I'm not an insider. I'm just a dumb fan, so don't listen to me. But don't ignore the numerical facts there. The Jazz have been rolling over these last 6 games, and look who is playing more. I gotta give props to Head Coach Tyrone Corbin -- maybe his hand was forced a bit due to injuries; but he's playing the guys I felt like he should have been playing. Just because he's a few months late doesn't mean this season is a wash. If the Jazz keep winning, and we know they are capable of doing it when they play our younger guys (who are our better player), then they can make the playoffs.