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Nuggets Vs. Jazz Highlights by @ProdigyJF


I love our team. This is not a surprise. I also love interacting with and meeting other Jazz fans over the internet. I didn't grow up in Utah; but because of social networking and media I can now talk with Jazz fans from all over the world on a daily basis. Because of guys like @ProdigyJF / Memoismoney I can even see all the highlights over and over again. Which is something that didn't exist for me as a teen living outside of the USA. Some random Jazz fan who was unlucky enough to live far away from the 801 may not be able to see every game live, but because of the thankless work of tech-savvy Jazz fans like @ProdigyJF that random Jazz fan *CAN* see all the great dunks, steals, and passes that I missed growing up.

It means a lot to me that our fan base is so awesome with doing these things. And on behalf of "out of Utah" Jazz fans who grew up outside of the nominal Jazz information range I want to say thank you. Thank you for what you do.

And now . . . let's check out the high lights!