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Free Contest: Nuggets Vs. Jazz -- Guess the Game Score Winners!


Guess the Game score #11: Utah Jazz 121 -- Denver Nuggets 101

Man, who new that these two teams would get back in the time machine, turn back the clock, and play at a crazy pace? You know who? Most of the contestants in his contest. (I wouldn't have done any better either, so I'm not calling anyone out) Props to the winners in this. Last week The Top 5 people were all within 4 points of the final score? Today? The Top five were all within 16 points.

Axis Diff
Jazz Nuggets Name x y
121 102 ACTUAL GAME 0 0 0
116 99 Jazz9Titans -5 -3 8
107 102 jrclone -14 0 14
109 104 mykneegrows -12 2 14
108 104 Pmoney -13 2 15
105 102 BC @bjcseven -16 0 16

Congrats to the winners! And thanks to everyone who entered the contest, all 60 of you. You guys are getting really good at this! Guess the Game Score #12 (the next one) will be the game on Saturday, March 31st -- on the road, at the floundering LA Clippers! (Boo!) If you don't play you can't win. And I've lined up some cool prizes that'll remain secret for at least a little while longer.