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Jazz Schedule for the fifth week of March


The Utah Jazz have 10 wins already in the month of March, with 5 games remaining. We have 10 wins. Our best month of the season where we played basically only home games against bad teams who were missing on average 1.5 starters, also known as "January", had the Jazz finishing 11-4. On paper March was supposed to be the major litmus test month, and I did not think that we would be winning all these games. It was supposed to identify which of our players to keep, to make planning for the off-season easier. Instead, it's been a month where almost every guy on the roster has stepped up big in wins. I guess that's a nice problem to have. January had the Jazz at 11-4, and right now the Jazz are 10-4. And the Jazz have a chance to vastly improve on our win total for a month, in the crazy hard month where we play 19 games in 31 nights, with 12 on the road -- and had two long eastern conference road trips in the same month.

This season doesn't make sense. And this next week will only confirm it.

March 2012: Week Five:

Date Road Team Home Team
March 25 - Utah Jazz @ Atlanta Hawks
March 26 - Utah Jazz @ New Jersey Nets
March 28 - Utah Jazz @ Boston Celtics
March 30 - Sacramento Kings @ Utah Jazz
March 31 - Utah Jazz @ Los Angeles Clippers

Yes, as the great sage Matt Harpring could possibly say, and tweet 2 months after today, "Tonight . . . is playoff push."

The Games:

  • March 25 @ Atlanta - do we ever beat this team?
  • March 26 @ New Jersey - Devin Harris playing like an All-Star? Revenge game?
  • March 28 @ Boston - old Lions still know how to win, currently #7 in East
  • March 30 vs. Sacramento - these guys again? And Jimmer doesn't even play? Thanks KOC!
  • March 31 @ LA Clippers - the Microcosm / Macrocosm game of this month. If we win there, we are for real.