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Happy 50th Birthday, John Stockton

I don't think that I can aptly state how much John Stockton has meant to each and every Jazz fan. The breadth and scope of this man's place in our collective memories prohibits that. For most of us he will forever be linked to our youth and the achievements of himself and his team intertwined with the memories of high school, college, and jr. high. We will remember where we were when "The Shot" went down. We'll remember how a sports team captivated and galvanized a state, how two years' NBA Finals drew the interest of a nation.

Stockton was always the quiet, private, and reserved player, nay person, but he always had an unwavering loyalty to the fans of a team in a state that needed it, and earned it. He set the benchmark and casts a long shadow over every player from here to infinity, that will put on the uniform and call themselves a Jazz PG.

I know that we all openly hope that Stockton will return to the organization in some form, until then, we will always have an affinity for the tough underdog that was booed when he was drafted, but played his way into our memories.

Take the time to throw up a comment to tell your favorite Stockton story or memory.