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Jazz Vs. Nets Game Thread -- Can Deron Williams' revenge get Nets 7th home win of season?

Game 50: Utah Jazz (26-23, Road: 7-17) @ New Jersey Nets (16-34, Home: 6-18)

Really, the Jazz have a better road record than the Nets have a home record.

Ideally, this game should be a Jazz win. These are far from ideal situations. The Jazz should be absolutely gassed from last night's extra +42% game time. And it's never ideal when you're playing against a guy who knows your playbook better than most of your team. The Jazz play the Swamp-Jazz (Sundiata Gaines, Kris Humphries, DeShawn Stevenson, Deron Williams) for the first time since sending Mehmet Okur (and others) to Portland for Gerald Wallace. Wallace is a super athletic guy who gives us fits, not unlike Josh Smith. Unlike Josh, Wallace doesn't jack up a lot of bad shots.

Tonight is going to be a lot of fun! Woo! Jazz!

Liner Notes:

  • Brook Lopez (NJN) is out with a sprained right ankle
  • Damion James (NJN) is out for the rest of the season with a foot surgery
  • DeShawn Stevenson (NJN) has flu like symptoms, and is questionable for tonight
  • Raja Bell (UTA) is out, despite being "healthy" from his camp. It's . . . complicated
  • Josh Howard (UTA) is out for the rest of th season, with left knee surgery
  • All of our starters played 50+ mins last night
  • Deron Williams kinda wants win this game, I think
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