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Jazz Vs. Nets Post Game Thread -- Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap power Jazz to 105-84 win

I can't believe I was into you . . .
I can't believe I was into you . . .

Game 50: Utah Jazz 105 @ New Jersey Nets 84

Life just doesn't get any easier for Deron Williams, does it?

Head Coach Tyrone Corbin rolls dice by going very starter heavy again, Jazz win -- earn some rest hopefully. Big Al Jefferson went for 19 and 8, with 3 helpers, 2 steals and 1 block in 30 more minutes of action. Paul Millsap went 10/14 from the field, knocked down his only three point attempt on the way to a 24 points / 13 rebound night. He also had 3 assists and 1 steal -- all in 32 more minutes of action. Devin Harris, in a revenge game, almost had his second double double in a row, going for 9 points and 11 assists (3 TOs), in another more 30 minutes. It was a fantastic game for those three as they got the win. New Jersey is in a bad way right now, Deron Williams finished with 17 points and 11 assists, but went 1/7 from deep. He seems to really *really* want to stick it to the Jazz, but is currently incapable of doing it.

Speaking of "not" doing it, Derrick Favors played 17 minutes (but had a bad shooting night, 2-7, and ended up with only 4 points and 5 rebounds), and Enes Kanter played 8 minutes (4 points, 3 rebounds). They aren't doing it, but hey, when Big Al and Paul are doing it, I guess it evens out. It would be a shame if Al and Paul move on to other teams in 3 years and Favors and Kanter still don't know what to do then. But why worry about tomorrow's problem today? Hey, we got the win. We were supposed to, that's what matters.

Oh yeah, and this Errin Brooke girl played 30 mins off the bench and had 15 points (5/11 shooting, 5/5 from the free throw line), 5 rebounds, and 2 assists. I guess we'll see Errin again on the weekend next.

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