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Quick Poll: The Backup Point Guard Dilemma

Favors wondering who is my point guard this guy or the guy on the bench.
Favors wondering who is my point guard this guy or the guy on the bench.

We have discussed this. Amar did a post on it on Sunday and then I brought it up in the Downbeat yesterday. I however am upset about it so I thought I'd let a few things off my chest and do a quick poll to see how everyone else is feeling.

Over the weekend Ty said that he had promoted Tinsley to point guard #2. It was then reported that Earl was unhappy with the situation, complaining that too bad this wasn't discovered before the trade deadline, which seems very un-characteristic of Earl.

Next thing we know is that against New Jersey and Boston, Earl is off the bench first. Tinsley only saw a few minutes against the Nets and zero minutes against the Celtics.

I love Earl but he is clearly struggling. I really love Earl he is a tough guy, he is a great leader and a good man, but he hasn't been playing well.

Why would Ty change things when things were going so well for the Jazz and specifically the Jazz's 2nd unit? Jamaal sets the young players up very well, it seems like there is more activity going on in the offense when Jamaal has been out there and he rarely takes a bad shot.

Why did Ty change things, did he just want to keep the peace? Is it worth upsetting Earl to have Jamaal play as the main backup point guard?