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Kings Vs. Jazz Post Game Thread: DeMarcus has the last laugh, wins game at the line, Jazz fall 103-104

I can eat a potato. Gimme $2.50.
I can eat a potato. Gimme $2.50.

Game 52: Sacramento Kings 104 @ Utah Jazz 103

I really don't know what to say

Partly because I didn't see this game (I can't wait to watch it three times), but here are some things that pop out from the boxscore:

  • Jazz 52 FTA, Kings only 32, a +20 FTA advantage, and we lose by 1 point. Ouch.
  • Kings only made 4 threes against us, so that's an improvement I guess
  • Hayward and Burks both had threes for the Jazz, so that *is* an improvement
  • Earl Watson ad 9 / 7 / 7, almost a triple double in 28 mins. Very solid.
  • C.J. Miles had zero points
  • Alec Burks played 34 minutes and had 15, getting to the line 8 times, and of course, 4 offensive rebounds
  • Derrick Favors would have easily won this game for us if he made a shot. He went 0-13. He did go 6-8 from the line and had 14 rebounds (9 offensive, apparently on multiple tip-in chances).
  • Big Al showed up big vs. the Kings, he had 27/16/2/2, previously this season he had been averaging 17/7 vs. the Kings
  • Gordon Hayward and Alec Burks are clearly the future of this team
  • Millsap only took 6 shots, still managed 12 points. You do the math.
  • Marcus Thornton had 26 points, and DeMarcus Cousins had 27. I kinda miss having interior defense (remembers Fesenko stat vs. Cousins in the paint . . . sigh)
  • This is a really bad loss. No way to spin it. +20 FTA at home vs. a really bad team w/o their best player . . . this is a really bad loss. And I called that it would be a hard game in the preview, but I guess that doesn't count for anything when our team loses.
  • This game sucks, especially because Denver won.