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Free Contest: Jazz Vs. Clippers -- Guess the Game Score !


Guess The Game Score #12: Utah Jazz @ Los Angeles Clippers

This is a must win game! In more ways than one!

Hey all, just a reminder that TONIGHT's game is the Guess the Game Score contest. All you do is reply back via twitter or post here your predictions for the Jazz final score and the Clippers final score. It's easy. It's free. And you will be winning actual prizes. (I'll Mail em out and everything)

Just so you all know, out of the 11 previous contests there are 61 people put into the final draw. Before the draw I will make a post where it'll be up to you to make sure I'm not missing anyone out. And that post will be in the post before I announce what the prizes are going to be. Out of those 61 (so far) spots we have a number of people who have have a Guess The Game Score winner more than once (@theofficialddh @pypermania @WooSports @TheGabe1868 , jrclone and myknee grows). Those individuals (by virtue of winning more) have more "ping pong balls" in the lotto than the people who only have one win.

If you want to stack the deck against your opponents you gotta play.

Also I'm not going to be playing favorites, the final winners will be determined by random number generation, as each winner is given a number for each individual Top 5 result.

There are only four more chances to play in this contest, if you miss tonight's:

  1. Friday, April 6th: HOME vs. Golden State Warriors
  2. Friday, April 13th: ROAD @ New Orleans Hornets
  3. Saturday, April 21st: HOME vs. Orlando Magic
  4. Thursday, April 26th: HOME vs. Portland Trail Blazers

Our Jazz may not be heading to the lottery this season, but that doesn't mean that you can't still be a winner : )