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NBA Free Agency Spotlight: Point guard and Shooting Guard targets for the Utah Jazz

It's never too soon to get started on these things . . . and by things . . . I mean ways to improve our team. I'm not really satisfied with how things are going in terms of PG and SG. Or SF, or C. I guess I'm only okay with PF at this point. Still! We need to look at the other positions to upgrade, even if it's 'renting' a guy for 2 years while our youth improves.

This is an incomplete list of some of the Unrestricted Free Agent Point guards and Shooting Guards. (For a complete list of ALL Free Agents click here) These are guys that our team may be looking at. I don't know, I have no clue how Kevin O'Connor makes his decisions -- coin flip or pin the tail on the donkey? Jokes aside, let's get to the guards:

Name Team Ht Wt Age PER eFG% USG% AST%
Andre Miller Denver Nuggets 6'2 200 35 15.7 46.0% 19.3% 35.2%
Ray Allen Boston Celtics 6'5 205 36 15.5 58.3% 19.5% 14.1%
C.J. Miles Utah Jazz 6'6 210 24 14.5 43.8% 25.7% 9.7%
Willie Green Atlanta Hawks 6'4 200 30 14.1 54.2% 20.3% 8.4%
Goran Dragic Houston Rockets 6'4 180 25 14.0 47.3% 19.2% 27.8%
Nick Young Washington Wizards 6'6 200 26 13.8 45.9% 25.6% 6.4%
Jannero Pargo Atlanta Hawks 6'1 175 32 12.5 51.0% 21.8% 22.9%
Marco Belinelli New Orleans Hornets 6'5 192 25 10.8 49.2% 18.0% 7.0%
Roger Mason Jr.
Washington Wizards 6'5 200 31 10.2 47.1% 19.0% 10.0%
Anthony Parker Cleveland Cavaliers 6'6 215 36 8.8 45.2% 14.4% 15.8%
Terrence Williams Houston Rockets 6'6 220 24 7.9 47.8% 16.5% 6.9%
Kirk Hinrich Atlanta Hawks 6'3 190 31 7.1 42.5% 17.6% 19.8%

It's a hodge-podge list of both PGs and SGs. Some guys are 'combo' guards, so it made sense to present the information this way. The players are ranked by their 2011-2012 regular season PER. You don't have to like PER, it's far from perfect as a metric -- but for the most part everyone understands what it means. And every website takes it into account -- we should to.

I've also included mundane things like players heights, weights, and ages -- so that you don't get overwhelmed by things like eFG%, USG%, and AST%.

I know it's going to piss people off, but C.J. Miles isn't the worst free agent guard out there. It is also interesting to note that Hinrich is having a very poor contract year. Dragic is promising, and also much younger. But if it is youth that interests you -- C.J. is the youngest still. I already know how some of you feel about him, so I'll just end this line of thought here. Also -- Ray Allen? I know we all love him, but he's not coming to the Jazz. But I wanted to list him anyway.

Tell me which of these guards you like? Any one you like who isn't on this list? Remember, this is just for unrestricted free agents -- not RFAs, or guys with Early Termination Options, or whatever.