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NBA Trade Deadline March 15th: Quick Poll

The NBA Trade Deadline is fast approaching . . . . it's the 5th right now, so it'll be here in 10 days. (No, didn't have to use the calculator to figure that one out) Between then and now the Jazz play seven games. The Jazz have the four remaining games of this road trip (@ Cleveland Cavaliers, @ Charlotte Bobcats, @ Philadelphia 76ers, @ Chicago Bulls ), and then two home games (vs. Detroit Pistons, vs. Minnesota Timberwolves) sandwiched around a road game @ Phoenix Suns.

It will be fun, as our fan base rises with each victory, and angrily reflects after each loss. There are some things we love about this team. Somethings we'd want to change. And of course, some things we dislike. I can never predict what our front office is going to do, and it's useless to even try to predict what Tyrone Corbin is going to do -- regardless of the situation it appears to be "go with the vets".

Situation 1: Younger guys bring team back into a game -- "go with the vets"

Situation 2: Game is out of reach, the other team pulls their starters -- "go with the vets"

Situation 3: For some reason you find yourself back in time, like, the Roman era -- "go with the vets"

Situation 4: Two trains leave at the same time. One traveling at 20 miles an hour, the second . . . -- "go with the vets"

You get the picture. Even our own players can be forcing his hand, but he will remain true to his idea. Which is noble, in it's own quiet dignity.

The deadline is coming. Regardless of what Ty does and what the Front office does -- what do YOU think?