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Free Contest: AJ2012 Fly Around, Fly Through, or Fly Over? Pick the winner

It should come as no surprise that the SB Nation blogs are doing a promotion for these Air Jordan kicks. I don't necessary love shoes beyond the fact that it's easier to do things in them outside of my house wearing 'em than going barefoot. I'm clearly the minority here, as a basketball junkie who isn't crazy about 'em. I know some of you guys are. There was an on-going 'tournament' between examples of Jordan Brand athletes flying around, flying through, or flying over their opponents. It's now down to three Highlights -- and you get to pick who is the winner.

It's an off-day for our Utah Jazz, so I should I would step up to the plate and show you guys what an All-NBA type of player is capable of doing in a highlight. Do we have any guy capable of doing big things like this? The only guy I can think of right now would be Alec Burks in 4 years. I could be wrong though. Maybe Big Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap will be an All-NBA Player one day. Today's not that day though. Today is the day where you get to vote on the winner.

Vote here!