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Guest Photoshop: Karl Malone Always Rings Twice

I love Karl Malone. And I love Photoshop. My love for people who actually have talent and put the two together is off the charts. This move poster mash/up of Utah Jazz Hall of Famer and the film "The Postman Always Rings Twice" (1946 version, 1981 version) was created by my main man Tim Severson (@TheWagOfMutombo). He's a really talented guy who is an actual artistic type. You can see some of his work at The Photographic, and also here at The NBA Cookbook. His 'shop was originally posted to Bounce Bounce Bounce (Bx3), a great bball web comic that you all should be loading up every day. It's by J. O. Applegate (@Bouncex3). He's actually super talented as well.

Years ago I used to draw an NBA comic book, and thankfully that was back before the internet happened. Those two guys are actually people who can mix our common love of the NBA with something artistic. And with everyone's permission I'm able to share their stuff with you. Hopefully, in the future, I can interview them as well! I think this is awesome, great composition in this movie poster.

Thanks again for everyone involved in letting me share this with the Jazz community!